Individualized programming for bright students with learning differences.

Yesod provides specialized support for children who struggle with literacy skills and language processing. Working with students in K-3rd grade, our team addresses your child’s difficulties during their first years of schooling, and teaches them how to read and write. Our small settings provide individualized attention to strengthen students’ skills, preparing them to successfully reintegrate into the mainstream classroom.

The Yesod Philosophy

Curriculum Alignment

As a division of Mill Basin Yeshiva Academy, Yesod curriculum parallels MBYA’s mainstream curriculum. Students learn the same material as their peers in a smaller, more personalized setting with additional support.

Orton-Gillingham Approach

Alongside the standard curriculum, Yesod implements the Orton-Gillingham Approach to teach literacy skills and strengthen critical thinking. This approach starts with a focus on letters and sounds, and slowly builds to more advanced skills.

Early Intervention

The goal of Yesod is to resolve issues early on. We help with processing difficulties and language-based challenges while students are young, reintegrating them into the mainstream classroom as soon as they’re ready.

The Yesod Method

Step One: Assess

We meet with each child to identify their individual needs. Our team of teachers, speech-language pathologists, reading specialists, and occupational therapists creates a plan tailored to your child.

Step Two: Address

Our team works together to provide data-driven, top-quality services for your child. We strengthen foundational skills using the Orton-Gillingham Approach and modify the mainstream curriculum to support your child’s needs.

Step Three: Integrate

Your child rejoins the mainstream classroom. The skills they learned through Yesod enable them to meet the same expectations as their peers. Special educators remain available to Yesod “graduates” should they require additional support during the transition.

Center-Based Learning

Learning centers in the Yesod classrooms are important places that provide students with opportunities to strengthen concepts and skills taught in class. In these centers, students are able to learn independently, collaboratively, and with differentiated materials provided by the teacher. Centers are additional spaces to work on IEP goals.


Arts, music, physical education, and technology are designed to reinforce skills taught in academic areas, as well as provide additional outlets for creativity, expression, and movement.